The Black Phoenix Sanatorium
Monday, October 24th, 2016

Date:2016-10-24 07:45

Title: Blast from the Past, XXIX
Challenge: Squibs
Word Count: 100
Note: this is a Motherless Child story, where Snape and Lupin are married and have adopted a child. Their son is now around ten. It takes place at the same time as “Blast from the Past”

Fortunately Poppy had the time to take John to the broom race, and Remus, after a few moments of silent conversation (and a stiff dose of painkillers) Floo'd out to join them. Regulus sat staring at the floor until the hearth had turned red again.

“It was worse at first. Knowing I was a Wizard but not being able to change.” His voice was rough from non-use. “Makes me wish I'd never mocked Filch. It's awful.”

“I can imagine.” Filch had understood what it was like to be poor. “What about now? Is there anything?”

“Don't know.”

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