The Black Phoenix Sanatorium
Friday, October 14th, 2016

Date:2016-10-14 07:46

Title: What Johnny was doing, XV
Challenge: Exploding Snap
Word Count: 100
Note: this is a Motherless Child story, where Snape and Lupin are married and have adopted a child. Their son is now around ten. It takes place at the same time as “Blast from the Past”

Frau Schauffhausen arrived a few minutes later, traces of beauty clay from her interrupted Full Body Magical Mud Bath clotting her hair. Johnny watched in awe as she reprimanded her daughter, then hauled Angela away before she could once again prove that she'd skipped most of her English lessons.

Tunst du das nicht wieder, du dummes Mädchen!” she cried, and disapparated, daughter in tow.

“Wow,” Johnny said at last.

Aunt Poppy let out a long, long breath. “Are you done with your game? We should check on your fathers.”

Johnny scooped the cards into their explosion-proof pouch. “Yeah.”

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