The Black Phoenix Sanatorium
Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Date:2016-09-20 07:37

Title: Blast from the Past, XXII
Challenge: Dervish & Banges
Word Count: 100
Note: this is a Motherless Child story, where Snape and Lupin are married and have adopted a child. Their son is now around ten.

Poppy did have a point. Dervish & Banges was best known for selling and repairing magical artifacts, but they also sold a small selection of user's manuals and do-it-yourself books and pamphlets. Severus rarely patronized them – he was more than capable of most household repairs – but even he had to admit that their offerings could be useful. Visiting them in search of a way to reverse what had been to Regulus made sense.

It was also an excuse to get away from the realization that Regulus was not only alive, but had been a prisoner until very recently.

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