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Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Date:2012-11-24 20:40
Subject:Fic Pointer: "Captain Fraudulent," Chapters 1 and 2

I have, much to my own shock, committed Avengers fic. Here is where you can find it, if you're interested.

Title: Captain Fraudulent, Chapters 1 and 2 of 10
Pairings: Tony/Pepper established relationship, Steve/Peggy friendship
Rating: PG for occasional swearing
Warnings: Kardashian bashing, insults slung against Fox News, small yippy dogs, PTSD, and the gentrification of large parts of Brooklyn. And kale. Lots and lots of kale.
Disclaimer: this story was written solely for amusement value, not profit. No copyright infringement is intended, and I freely admit that I don't own a blessed thing except the ludicrous plot.
Summary: SHIELD did its best to help Steve Rogers adjust to modern society, but they completely forgot to warn him about the 24 hour news cycle. Oops.
Note: This was supposed to be a fun little romp about art, celebrity, and the modern media. 32,000 words later, I'm only halfway done, and it's not nearly as funny as intended. I'm posting the first two chapters tonight and will post future chapters on Saturdays until I'm done.

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